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Meet Our Founders

Founded in August 2008, Vera Dantzler & Kathalene Taylor-White established Danzhouse as an outlet for students and

parents who were looking for new, exciting,

and innovative creative arts activities

What Sets Us Apart

Our slogan is "Just Danz!"

That's exactly what we want our dancers to do, "Just Danz!" The DanzHouse team is devoted to creating a positive atmosphere where each student is encouraged to reach his or her own potential. 


All dancers are encouraged

to learn all styles of danz and we offer many opportunities for all our dancers to perform (both the

competitively and recreationally. 

DanzHouze classes are very nurturing. The DH team

promotes each student's creativity.  Our desire is to help our students build

confidence and a strong

sense of self.  


Building solid training is the foundation of a successful career in the Dance Industry. DanzHouse provides the techniques and skills needed to learn and grow into a beautiful dancer. The skills learned will lead to a lifetime of artistic expression and appreciation.

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